Month: May 2017

ATMs will be Close due to Ransomware virus Today

Ransomware virus ATM Close Email Hacking warning message today circulating in Whatsapp Facebook and social media First of all do not bother with this message it is way to divert mind few days back London Hospital database is attacked and as reflection some message is start circulating. WannaCry Ransomware virus cyber attack in India do not

Youtube earnings dropped 2017

Why are my YouTube earnings decreasing sudden from April 2017 – Its not new that YouTube earnings dropped 2017. Its all the time we are facing huge decrements in earnings time to time Just after beginning of new year 2017. In January 2017 earnings start dropping almost 30 percent than previous year. And up to last week

viral videos of the week 2017

Viral videos today in India and world 2017 get recent updates : First of all we are now a days living in internet world surroundings with social network. And always we remain update from social news along with fun from Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter and such more. So before be up to date with time must

When will 5g be available in India

When 5g Will Launch In India and speed of 5g in India 5G can change the world of internet and the next generation smart phones with advanced technology in world and India. Now a days user of internet increasing day by day video qualities also. Public meting changed into video conference local discussion take place with audio streaming. Many

Fingerprint scanner phones under 10000

Fingerprint lock sensor mobile phones under 10k in 2017 latest – Fingerprint sensor is now become most valued features in electronics gadget. And now a days this features available in mobile like devices called smartphone. Generation is changing with time lock your mobile your own android fingerprint lock sensor. You can save up to 5