Adsense Earnings Dropped dramatically From March 2017 Reasons Why?

AdSense Earnings Decrease 2017 suddenly from April:

Its not new thing AdSense publisher facing new problem of decrease in click earnings and CTR day by day. But it was very unfortunate that after last week of April views are same or sometime increase than before but click earnings and every thing is very low. Due to this reason some publisher without knowing actual reason they try to find out alternative of AdSense. While there is many alternative for AdSense in website but what you will do if you are the video blogger. Still there no good alternative for YouTube till now. I am facing the same problem sudden after 25 April 2017 and till now its not okay. Several feedback placed with screenshot no reply yet I get till now. But after searching google I find the actual reason. Read the discussion in Adsesne forum all are facing same problem. Here you will get some no response area AdSense Earnings Decrease 2017. Read it now, creators will get monetization permission after they hit 10,000 lifetime views on their YouTube channel.

Adsense Earnings Decrease 2017Reason to decrease AdSense income dramatically in 2017:

While we genuine YouTube video publisher trying to make money through genuine way but there is some guy always giving some hot pic as thumbnails, false title and description. Therefore there is huge contest take place in YouTube because of this some of company who gives there ads to YouTube is losing money. Suppose I want to see something about HTML but after searching I got some hot pic with Title HTML. And I watching this video advertiser provide ads on this video as per title HTML. Almost all company losing money with ads view without profit because the title and video is different. And watcher do not have interest in such ads. Because of this advertiser boycott giving ads in YouTube.

New AdSense policy 2017 after boycott by advertisers:

So after this YouTube decide to take down such videos which are with fake thumbnails titles and description. If this found more than limit account will be terminated soon so guys if you have such video to increase viewers make changes in your video. Adsense forum discussion on Adsense Earnings Decrease 2017. Visit our Blog page for whole new topics.

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