Healing Frequency is What – Is Mind Know Everything

What is mind

Mind is every thing and more that what you know it is. Mind is universe it carry the stars. Yes mind is look like universe as there is million of stars same in mind there million of neurons is lighting up and generating electricity inside mind. Mind is awesome can help in everything what you want. And every thing is depend on your thought how you think. If you are positive minded that it is better. Because people with negative mind is hopeless. But you can shift your thought to positive state also its easy and need some practices. Your mind will learn and your subconscious or pre-conscious mind will start thinking positive. We cure brain with healing frequency now.


Suppose a person never think of that a train can run in under sea water how is this possible because this person think to run a Train need track it will be rust train will face water attack problem of big whales. A long tunnel is not possible sea water is very speedy. And in last this negative person says never possible.

Positive minded person will want to face the problem start think to how to overcome above problem of course brain will help to reach your goal. Your conscious mind ask question to brain your subconscious mind is busy how to do this particular work. And after some time or some days you get answer.

A person want to awake up in dawn before sun rise at 5 am. Negative person will think I do not have an alarm. But the person with positive mind who really decide to awake up in 5 am. He will surely wake up at 5 am because of subconscious mind it is continue working although you are sleeping.

What is Conscious mind

Every thing you are doing like washing, brushing tooth, cycling, walking, learning, writing etc and it is known to you what you are doing with your direct system That I am doing this now.

What is Subconscious mind

Suppose you are writing and a fly is disturbing you and your hand goes to kill this fly. Your subconscious mind help you what to do. You are cycling and hearing song with full potential but you reach to home safely. Your subconscious mind show you the way of home you know need to think about it separately. This is why subconscious mind is also known as pre-conscious mind.

And there is another state of mind it is unconscious mind

Unconscious mind store every thing what your life face each and every thing which happen your life. You can not recall every thing at once. Believe me every day of your life is stored in your mind. You are able to recall easily the most memorable day of life. Because you remind it many times. Do you Computer CPU system is based on human brain.

What is Healing Frequency ?

Now a days people want instant relief from sadness. We all want money in few days or month. Healing frequency is such which help you to relieve  your brain from tense and depression.

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