How To Install Android Studio Latest Version

How to install android studio on windows 10 step by step –

android studio tutorial

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Android Studio tutorial for beginners no deprecated all new verified –

Our NextGenEarn team making path to learn then earn through Android tutorial. Make your Android app then launch your app to android market. Add some ads through Admob or any other advertisement network. Most of all learning with us so do not stuck in tutorial because of deprecated code. Our tutorial solution is with up to date version Android Studio 2.3.1 latest.

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Step to learn to make android application:

  1. First learn to install Android Studio and SDK manager along with JAVA you will get all latest software link in YouTube video description.
  2. Then make your first Android application Hello World.
  3. Add some buttons in your application.
  4. Android button click event.
  5. Android button onClick listener.
  6. Design of button along with some text.
  7. Android switch button example.
  8. Android toggle button example.
  9. Image View Image Switch example in android.
  10. And many more easy for beginners.

After learning some android tutorial you no need more video tutorial get code you will be known to whee to add code. Its just easy start Learning today be a android developer. Be soon android studio tutorial developer.

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