GST bill – Top 10 GST benefits – Good impact do not worry

What is GST law and profits after GST implement

First of all we should know what GST is. GST mean Goods and Services Tax. After GST implement there will be no separate law of taxes for goods product and for service. One nation one tax for particular product. Currently some shoppers are taking illegal VAT tax for shopping products although they do not have licence to sell this product. They filling the tax money in their pocket. There will be no separate TAX by state government. Below read the Top 10 GST benefits. Know facts of GST losing or benefits. More about GST bill below.

Direct tax implement single tax direct after product is manufactured lower chances of illegal tax stealing although shoppers are taking from you.

Most of people are worrying about GST because they thought goods and products price will be increase. If you think so you are complete wrong and you become foolish by India’s opponent political party they do not have genuine issue against BJP government leading by prime minister Narandra Modi. Do not think I am supporter of any particular political party and supporting them. In reality GST is beneficial for all sector to common people.

Top 10 GST benefits know before become foolish

  1. Drugs price will be decrease by 10 percent (Medication cost will be lower)
  2. Several food product price will be decreases up to 10 percent.
  3. Product TAX will be added direct after manufacturing. No separate TAX by Central and State.
  4. Shopper will be unable to take illegal VAT and TAX although the have VAT paper.
  5. Medical services and restaurant tax becoming cheaper than before.
  6. Many cars and bike price become cheaper after GST impact.
  7. Many time you see in local market cloth price is worrying. Look what GST do it.
  8. TAX levied after product is manufactured in factories. No hidden charges by shoppers after GST law.
  9. Now product will be have single TAX after GST law implement in India.
  10. End of indirect taxes regime.

History of GST bill in India and Other countries in the world

GST is first implemented in France in 1954. After France many country implemented it in many countries. After France more 150 countries implement GST law in their country because their is more benefits. Simply there is no genuine issue to attack current government. Bad political party now trying to foolish Indian people always. In India GST law in stack from year 2000.

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