Upcoming SmartPhones 2018 – Upcoming Mobile In 2018

Upcoming smartphones 2018 – Future is here what to next in mobile :

Technology is upgrading day to day, in its place new thing is arrived with more compact in size. You can see new thing in upcoming smartphones 2018 is edge less display or mobile front full of display. Screen to body ratio will be improve. Most of the android phone will be connected with android wear watch with Bluetooth. Look at this mobile Xiaomi Mi MIX future of mobile is here edge less mobile.

What turbo download in Upcoming Mobile In 2018

Another new technology in mobile is Turbo download. With turbo download technology you can download file more faster then before. If you want to download a larger file more quickly you have to enable Turbo download mode. Turbo download help you to use mobile data and WiFi together with more speed. So you will get your file more quickly.
upcoming smartphones 2018

Bendable Future Upcoming smartphones 2018 –

Buy your new mobile with more sleek and slim design. Thickness very ultra than ever. Future mobile will be bendable LG is working with this new type features. Each and very mobile will be with one glass solution more stronger than Gorilla glass no more screen protector will be required.

Smart phone with more battery backup

Every thing is updating with time but the battery is little confused upon this. Although battery mah is increased in newer mobile but still it is not sufficient. In future mobile you will get ultra high speed charging in mobile some with wire less charging technology. More awaiting technology in mobile will be charging battery with body and hand temperature. Know what Peltier cooler is ice in 10 minutes only complete DIY solution for cooler. Already new phones are coming with minimum 4000 mah plus battery even some mobile with 5000 mah with reasonable price.

Transparent smartphone in future mobile 2018 new features –

New OLED type display is do that. There is no boundary in between this. Do you know about Googles New Tilt Brush what is it no more imagine live in your virtual world.

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