Upcoming Technology: Eye On Future Generation Dream it

5 Upcoming Technology that I want Today In My Hand Now

Their is huge changes take our mind to separate world and now all know that everything is possible through technology. Know about the most unbelievable technology which will grab your home in just few years. How much we wait for “upcoming technology“.

upcoming technology

1. Virtual reality or 360 VR Glasses

The new virtual reality concept is not new but it will come with additional features like design everything in your virtual mind and live with ease. Know about Google Tilt brush which will make your dream true. Design your self in true virtual world of imagine. Google glass is another new technology everything in your eye.

2. 3D printer technology for every home

What 3d printer is – We all know about paper printing here is new 3D printing. Using 3D printer you can print every thing of your choice like a complete toy with out any separate joint or screw. You can print with metal material or with ABS plastic with separate color. Do what you want to print.

3. SmartThings Control every device with WiFi or data network remotely

We all want fun and enjoyment in every thing even in our works so it can be handle easily. Connect every device with a new sub station which will connect it through WiFi and you can control it from any place of your home. It can be Air Conditioner, LED TV, Freezes, CCTV camera and many more deices easily.

4. Imagine Feeling Texture On Your Touchscreen By Naked Hand

The company Tanvas is developing an new technology called virtual or felling through touch of a substance. The thinking came from online shopping to know the cloth quality or to invention new thing. Its also called Tesla Touch fell through display screen.

5. 6D theaters fell the reality in halls

Very soon we will enjoy 6D cinema halls in every where in the world with very high real quality sound. 6 dimensions is the true reality you see everything in cinema halls as you see in nature like a bird flying over you. 6D will be available in Home TV very soon. I hope you surprised with this upcoming technology and will be wait for this.

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